Meet the Rancho Bravo Family

     When you come to Rancho Bravo, it's not just about riding a horse, you are welcomed on the ranch and treated just like family! Each member of the Bravo family and every staff member is doing everything they can to make sure you have an amazing experience! Below are some of the people you will likely meet or interact with at Rancho Bravo.

Left to Right: Jazmin, Alex, Alejandro, Lisa, Sierra, Jenny, Chicle, Zeiger

Bravo Family

     Alejandro is head of the family and head of the ranch. Although he works hard behind the scenes, you're likely to see him from time to time caring for horses, guiding rides, or just greeting you and making sure you're having a wonderful time!

     Lisa is the glue that holds the ranch together. She oversees ranch operations and keeps it running like a well-oiled machine! You're likely to text or speak with her to arrange your visit and, whenever she's not taking care of administrative duties you'll see her training horses, welcoming visitors, and occasionally guiding rides.

     Alex is the right hand man of the ranch! He helps with anything and everything! You'll see him caring for & working horses or offering you water & a comfortable place to sit. With his CPR and First Aid certification, he also helps to guide rides with a deep sense of responsibility.

     Jenny, Jazmin, and Sierra are the light and joy of the ranch! They'll bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart with their beauty, exuberance, and precious innocence.

     Chicle and Zeiger are true working dogs! They may be the first to greet you when you arrive and they'll accompany you on your trail ride, making sure the trail is safe and coyotes keep their distance.

Dominique, Little Joe, and Zeiger


     Dominique is an honorary member of the Bravo Family and will likely be your hostess when you visit the ranch! A horse lover and expert trail guide, she will welcome you, teach you to ride, and keep you safe as she guides your trail ride. Dominique is CPR certified and quite possibly the sweetest person you will ever meet!

     Dominique also feeds, cleans, loves, and cares for the horses. She knows each one as though they were her own children! You will feel confident in the knowledge that she has perfectly matched you up with just the right horse and will take you on the greatest horseback riding experience!

Rancho Bravo is located at:
46025 Stanley Rd in Sage, CA
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